Chemical Skin Peels

In PHI Clinic we consider peeling together with other treatments, fundamental pillars of epidermal beauty.

Chemical peels are indicated to improve the appearance and general texture of the skin, giving it better luminosity, homogenizing the tone, closing the pores and diminishing or for the treatment of acne and its residual lesions. And finally, indicated in the treatment of hyperpigmentation or spots and solar photoaging.

The intensity of the peeling (superficial, medium or deep) is determined by the type of skin and / or problem to be corrected that the patient presents, for this reason a medical diagnosis is essential when choosing the most appropriate chemical formulation

Several peeling sessions are usually performed, spaced a month apart for the desired effects, and although the results are immediately visible, it is from the 2nd or 3rd week when we can enjoy the maximum effect.

A cocktail of substances that penetrates the epithelium is applied with a special brush or gauze on the completely cleansed face with the aim of renewing the layers of the skin. The application time is not more than 30 minutes.

Does the facial peel require anesthesia?

Superficial and medium peels do not require anesthesia.

How many peeling sessions are necessary?

The number of sessions according to the problem, of each person.

Can i sunbathe?

You should not sunbathe in the area 15 days before the peeling and not 15 days after. High sun protection (> 50) should always be used.

Can I go to work the day after the treatment?

Yes, it is possible to work and lead a normal life immediately, although your skin began to sag the days after the peel, it can be treated with creams.

What other treatments can the facial peel be combined with?

Chemical peeling can be performed simultaneously with treatments such as filler infiltrations, facial mesotherapy, etc.