Dental rejuvenation

At PHI Clinic we know that with the passage of time numerous aggressions are provoked in the teeth: Dental clenching and bruxism, wear and tear from chewing, tobacco and coffee, foods and drinks with dyes… all of this causes that, over the years, the teeth present a more opaque and yellowish, aged appearance, with the edges and cusps of the teeth broken or deteriorated. This adds years to the smile, makes the skin more opaque, ages and produces a feeling of tiredness in the facial expression.

In addition to treating the aggressions and the passage of time on the skin and face, we can also correct these signs of aging in our mouth. Let us not forget that all these symptoms of dental aging can be corrected and/or disguised quickly and easily in the hands of experts. A bright and well-groomed smile brings more light to the face and rejuvenates in an extraordinary way, taking years off and providing a much younger appearance.

What does the dental rejuvenation designed by Phi Clinic consist of?

Dental rejuvenation consists of treating and restoring the damage caused to teeth and smiles over the years.

We begin with a cleaning and polishing of the teeth to remove possible stains. Then, in the same session we perform a tooth whitening treatment, where we also treat tooth sensitivity.

Subsequently, we perform a thorough visual study and measurement of angles and dental pieces, in which, after assessing the aesthetic tastes of the patient and an evaluation of the results, an aesthetic contouring of the dental pieces is performed. In this way, we are able to restore the smooth, round and contoured shapes to the deteriorated parts.

Then, in the same session, the smile is reconstructed in a very esthetic way and with composites with high-end porcelain microparticles, the upper teeth, one by one. With these reconstructions we will be able to close the spaces created between the teeth and restore the natural length of these pieces, which has been lost over the years. The result is a much more youthful and luminous smile.

Finally, and as a smile is the best complement that any person can wear, the upper lip area (the so-called bar code) is treated with hyaluronic acid injections, both on the upper lip and on the lip itself, if necessary.

What does the treatment include?

  • Review and radiography of the first consultation.
  • Dental cleaning with stain polishing
  • Upper and lower teeth whitening.
  • Esthetic contouring of 20 teeth
  • Esthetic reconstructions in 6 dental pieces, from 13 to 23 generally.
  • 1 syringe of hyaluronic acid
  • Semi-rigid splint for night protection.

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