Exercises Benign Skin Lesions (vulgar wart, nevus, fibroma, keratosis, etc.)

Warts are skin lesions produced by a virus, generally they are raised. It consists of an excessive overgrowth of the most superficial cells of the skin. The most exposed ones undergo a keratinization process, which gives them a rougher appearance and consistency.

The main reason for their removal is aesthetic and they can be treated with different techniques appropriate to the characteristics of each lesion. Cryotherapy, electrocoagulation, laser and surgery are different ways of proceeding to remove these unsightly warts.

Moles are considered a form of skin lesion in which there is a more intense coloration of the skin, produced by an increase in the concentration of melanocytes or melanin that we have in our skin.

Although these skin lesions are usually benign for the most part, it is advisable that they be controlled before the possibility of a lesion that can lead to malignant disease and degenerate into melanoma, an aggressive type of skin cancer.

Most moles can be removed in a single session, their healing time can be 15 days, and it is usually not necessary to wear any bandage after the intervention.