Fixed and removable prosthesis

When teeth are missing, prosthetic treatment is the ideal choice to restore lost esthetics and function. There are different types of dental prostheses that have a precise indication for each case. If it is only necessary to replace the crown of one tooth and its root can be preserved in a healthy state, the indicated prosthesis is the post and crown. This type of prosthesis is fixed, if this treatment is necessary in more than one piece, either contiguous or with edentulous gaps in between, a fixed bridge or splint, which is nothing more than several crowns joined together, should be planned.

The alternatives, in cases where fixed prosthesis or implants are not possible, are removable acrylic total prosthesis or removable partial prosthesis. Partial prostheses may have a metallic skeleton (chrome cobalt) or be made of flexible material, the latter being lighter and more esthetic.