The first reason for orthodontic treatment is none other than health reasons. Orthodontics can prevent other oral health problems.

Among the most important health improvements we find a correct oral hygiene, improved pronunciation, improved nutrition, reduced headaches or improved gum health.

With orthodontic treatment, your smile will change and you will have the smile you want.

To make a complete study of the clinical case, in addition to the initial examination and clinical history, radiographs, photographic series and analysis of models or articulator set-up are required.

All these records allow us to decide the most appropriate and individualized treatment for each patient.

NO EXTRACTION PHILOSOPHY, Dra. Miranda believes in preserving the integrity of each smile by trying to preserve all teeth. She has had tremendous success in achieving smiles and profiles through treatment without extractions.

Time is important, so we take the time to listen to the needs of our patients and explain in detail the treatments they need.


The correction of the malocclusion is carried out according to the plan foreseen in the study. Sometimes treatments are performed in two phases:

Early or interceptive treatment: usually in children with mixed dentition. Based on orthopedic treatment of the jaws.

Definitive or corrective treatment: in complete permanent dentition. It is usually performed through the placement of fixed appliances, brackets, which are permanently attached to each of the teeth until the end of the treatment.

Before starting your treatment we will discuss all this with you and your particular problem, but do not forget that we are at your disposal to help you and answer any questions that may arise throughout the treatment.