Unloading splint

Bruxism: It is a functional activity characterized by scraping or grinding and clenching of the teeth. Generating dental destruction, to which pain and orofacial tension can be added.

It is caused by a combination of multiple factors such as psychosomatic factors, sleep disorders (parasomnias), nutritional disharmony, increased muscular activity, etc.

Bruxism is not only present at night, but also occurs during the day, neurophysiologically related to peripheral stimuli.

From the moment you start using the dental splint, the symptoms generated by bruxism and temporomandibular problems, such as headaches and muscle pain caused by tension, are reduced and tooth wear is prevented.

The unloading splints, which we offer at Phi Clinic, stand out for their comfort, since, as they are made in a totally personalized way, they will fit perfectly to the patient’s mouth.
Recommendations Spanish Society of Orthodontics

The Spanish Society of Orthodontics has warned on several occasions of the risk posed by the supposed unloading splints sold on the Internet. In order for them to fulfill their function, it is essential that they be supervised by a dentist or orthodontist, both in terms of their design and the adjustments that must be made periodically.

Discharge splints should always be prescribed by a dentist and should be adjusted to the patient’s anatomy according to the indications given by the specialist. It is the dentist or orthodontist the only one who must make a correct diagnosis, and it must be designed and manufactured in a personalized way and taking into account the dentition of each patient, so it is essential that the dentist takes the patient’s measurements and sends them to a prosthesis laboratory with the pertinent indications for the creation of the mold.